Q: Are you a writer in RL?

A: I am not a writer in RL. I am not an artist of any sort in RL.

Q: Then why write this blog?

A: My experiences in SL often lead to reflection and I use writing as a mechanism to work things out for myself. Anonymity allows me to share the results via the blog.

Q: Why the "Mature Content" warning?

A: There be children on the internets.

Q: Are your posts stories?

A: The more appropriate term would be "vignettes".

Q: Are these vignettes fact or fiction?

A: They are a mix of fact and fiction. Just like SL. However, at their core is always a truth. Just like SL.

Q: Do you write about the past or the present?

A: I write about moments in time, usually fleeting moments, past, present or future.

Q: You still love her, don't you?

A: I have always loved her. A more interesting question would be: is she real or a figment of my imagination?

Q: Well, is she real or a figment of your imagination?

A: *Laughter*

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  1. *laughs softly* am I allowed to comment on FAQ's ;))