Monday, June 29, 2009

Story: Pixel by Pixel

She shimmered into being, taking form pixel by pixel less than a stone's throw away from where I stood absorbed in the beauty of the waterfall before me. Distracted, I looked surreptitiously at her, eyes lingering over her form, slowly coaxing the textures that made her to focus on my screen. Something about her appearance, something about her appearing at this moment in time when I had for long stood soaking in the absurd lonely loveliness of this place with its haunting music, something about her appeared to be designed to penetrate the shell of my isolation. A shell I had clung to for a very long time. Wordlessly, I swiveled towards her as if to invite her more fully into my world. I smiled inside, for I knew just what I had to say to her, I knew just what words would bind her to me and keep her in my world. She knelt, as if in anticipation, her knees apart, her eyes looking up pleasingly, her skin glowing under the diaphanous clothes she wore. "Greetings, my Master", she said as he shimmered into being, taking form pixel by pixel.

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