Friday, July 17, 2009

Story: It is what I need in here

She was my new neighbor, the one with the futuristic house in the deep sky, and I had been showing her my land for the past hour. The beach, the house on the hill, the waterfall I had built and the dungeon-cave that hid behind. She had been fascinated by the toys in the cave, particularly the especially perverse ones. We had laughingly experimented with them, hopping on and off some quickly, lingering for a few minutes on others. It is amazing how quickly the illusion of easy familiarity can build up on the charge of sexual energy. I held her hand and led her to the beach. She changed from her goth clothes to a gown whose blue shimmered in the moonlit night against my dark tuxedo. I nuzzled her face with my lips, caressing it with my breath, kissing it softly, feeling the quickening of her heartbeat against my chest as we slow danced on my beach just out of the reach of the periodic white spray generated by the crashing waves. "It is not this romance that I want", she whispered into my ear. I smiled and asked, "tell me your fantasy then"? "French maid", she whispered again, "to serve and to be used". I swayed with her silently for a while, bodies intertwined, engulfed in the closeness engendered by her revelation. "You know it is amazing to me how many strong and successful women I have met in here who wish to be slaves", I said eventually. She nodded quietly. "I spend my day making decisions for burly sweaty men who depend on me for their livelihood; every day I make all the decisions for the business I own. And then when I come in here at night, I need to lose myself in someone strong, to serve, to be told what to do, to be owned". She smiled as I gripped her hair gently, pulling on it to tilt her head back and kissed her throat. "It is what I need in here".

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