Thursday, August 6, 2009

Story: Long Pause

[Setting: A serene small lake surrounded by a thick forest. From the distance the camera moves in closer to two figures near the waters edge, standing a few feet apart and facing the lake. The camera moves close enough that we start to hear their conversation.]

L: "I am not one to betray a love. "

R: "Then why?"

[Long pause]

L: "I just couldn't stay true to you."

R: "I don't understand. Why do this to me?"

[Long pause]

L: "I think I lost the ability to distinguish what is true and what is false in our love."

R: "What do you mean?"

L: "We lived betwixt fact and fiction for so long. It just got hard to keep things straight."

[Long pause with anguish apparent in the stillness of the figures.]

R: "You always had my heart. You knew that."

[Long pause]

R: "Didn't You?"

[Very long pause. Both figures stare resolutely at different fixed points in the lake.]

R: "Is this about our open relationship? Because you agreed to that. You even argued for it yourself. And you know that all the others are just toys to play with and discard."

[Long pause]

R: "You know you are the only one with whom every kiss is real... every feeling is fact... with the others it is just roleplay."

R: "Our love was different. It was real. I know we never met. You don't even know my real name. But it was real. Different. The feelings were so fucking real."

R: "You knew that, didn't you?"

[The camera gets distracted by movement at the other end of the lake and shifts its focus to it. We can no longer hear the conversation.]

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  1. B,
    I must say something... you took me there. It was intruging how the camera guides you into the conversation then removes you. I want to ease drop more... can you continue? Is it wierd that it almost sounds familair to me? Perhaps it was but a dream. Shall we dance? ~smiles~ Love, Morgaana