Saturday, October 16, 2010

Save me

(Appears on pages 50-51 in Issue 18 of Inner World Online Magazine)

The crowd roared its approval as the singer's voice came on over the plaintive notes at the beginning of the next song. "And now a song that hasn't been requested for months. Wicked Games goes out to Chloe." Shouts of "love this song" and hoots and whistles echoed from all over the dance floor. Like me, many here were regulars at Ed Kyomoon's live music events.

"I have been watching you for many weeks now, and you always just stand alone at the back", she said as she flowed into my arms. With her bare shoulders and cascading raven hair safely within my embrace, I smiled into her eyes. "So what made you ask me for a dance tonight?", she asked smiling back at me.

Memories faded in and out, this song, our song, her dark hair and flowing dress within my arms as we danced. I pulled my love in closer still, body swaying with hers in our effortless slow dance, my face nuzzling her hair, and waited many heartbeats for the start of the right phrase in the song to whisper along with the singer, "My world was on fire, and no one can save me but you".

She giggled, her hands squeezing my back. "Mmmm, you seem fine enough to me Stranger. No fire and no need for saving."

Using the swinging motion of the dance I lifted her up by the waist, and still swaying with the familiar music kissed the length of her bare shoulders inwards towards her throat. Each kiss tinged with memory. In response, she arched her body back so that my kisses trailed down her throat and into the valley between her breasts. Her hands reached up to press my face into her soft curves.

"What a wicked game to play", she intoned along with the singer, "to make me feel this way".

"What a wicked thing to say", I responded with the singer, "you never felt this way".

She laughed happily while I set her back down straight. "I had liked this song before, but now I am going to love it for ever".

With lyrics perfect for slow dancing, the moonlit night, the glow of the warm fires surrounding the dance floor, and the mingling of breath with unspoken memories and unhinged desires, all conspired to give meaning to every scripted dance move. She rested her head on my shoulders and gave in fully to my embrace.

We danced together alone, each in our separate world, silent feelings emanating like ribbons, connecting, twisting, colliding, unraveling our fantasies. In the silence, passion. In the silence, pretense. In the silence, possibilities.

In the silence, song.

In the song, ghosts of dances past.

(The lyrics used are from the song titled "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak. Edward Kyomoon does indeed sing regularly in SL.)

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  1. Hi Betwixt..this is Raspberi and I looked for this post specifically. I indeed loved this as that is one of my favorite songs by Chis Isaak and you took me away leaving me feeling I was the girl with the raven hair. You are a wonderful talented writer. I enjoyed it immensely. I am saving this as a favorite and will read the remaining posts another time.