Thursday, April 2, 2015

What it all could be

With you.

Slowly I came alive to your warmth near me, your usual subtle fragrance seeping through into my consciousness. I must have fallen asleep in my chair while working in the late afternoon at my desk and now in the dying light of the evening sun you came to me dressed in a skin-hugging riot of color and the faintest of smiles on your face. Sitting on the desk, you are so close to me as I lean forward to kiss your bosom. You embrace my face into the curves of your breasts as I kiss them hungrily wanting to drown into your softness. You play with my hair and whisper to me as I slowly trail kisses down your stomach. I cannot hear what you are saying for I am still waking up inside your willingness. My hands find your legs, reaching under your dress for the silky heat of your inner thighs. All my senses flooded by you, my mind soaks in our escalating twin desires. You continue to whisper and moan, and drunk on your arousal I wake up to get lost in you.

The sun has long-since set and the churn of the waves glows in the silvery starlight. We sit a couple of feet apart on two wooden chairs on our porch on the beach. You have slipped your flimsy dress back on but nothing else and in your unbuttoned state I struggle to get back control of my mind. There is a quiet between us, a silence that comes from knowing what is to come, from not even having to say the words anymore.

“I need to know,” you say and then pause.

I close my eyes, and let the periodic crash of the waves count time.

“I need to know if you can fall in love with me again?”, you finish.

The beach dances the waves to their demise, over and over.


  1. Replies
    1. Ah, but you see -- I have always loved her. She knows it too.
      So, I wonder what her real question is.
      Do you know?

  2. Perhaps the question is: when you awaken from the dream, what remains?

    1. Perhaps she is less like a dream, and more like an idea.
      Now ideas can fade and be lost in time, but the idea of her does not seem to.
      I cannot tell why. Can you?

      (I have to say though, your question would be one of the most difficult she could ask.)

  3. Maybe. But I think it's that dreams arouse such intense emotions. You might forget some of the details of the dream itself, but the memory of the emotion stays with you.