Friday, July 22, 2016


I just can't get you out of my head

          --- a song by Kyle Minogue

I had been waiting for hours for the sun to set, but the far horizon had captured the frail sun just at the edge, freezing its warmth inside pale reflections on the low waves. The breeze coming off the water had gradually gotten cold, and yet I stood at the water's edge in a fevered daze. The steady periodic sound of the waves had bit by bit stripped off all the defenses in my mind.

I stood motionless for a long time,
a simpler kind of man
than the one you had once loved.

An unsteady gust of wind pulled me out off my silent reverie. Across the water's expanse the remains of the dying broken sun still glowed in a million undulating golden tears.

As I turned back from the water to make my way to our house on the beach,
you whispered, "I want you to stay."

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