Sunday, April 1, 2018


Is it a crime?
Is it a crime
that I still want you
and that I want you 
to want me too?
                           ------ From "Is it a crime?" by Sade 

In the far distance beyond the volcano, a drum beats out of time.

I caress your face with my breath and whisper, "tell me something from the dream that I am in."

In the moonlight, I hold you close in the dance, swaying gently. Everything fades into you, into the feeling of you in my arms.

It is not that without you I have reason to complain about my life. It is just that without you my life does not really feel mine. Tonight, in this very dance, you could say the words to stop the sun from rising and we can find our home in the never ending night of this world. Who needs other worlds and days beyond that?

In my arms, you can rest your face against my chest and tell me about all the other lives you have lived. I will kiss your hair every now and then and gently pull you back into the life we have together.

In the far distance, a drum beats out of time.

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